Menulog Finds And Orders Takeaway Food

Don't have the energy to cook tonight but want something a bit more ambitious than ordering big-chain pizza? Menulog lists restaurants across Australia and lets you order from them directly online.

The service (from the same company as previously mentioned MyHouseHunt) works pretty much as you'd expect: enter your location and a list of available restaurants pops up, complete with when they offer service and estimates of how long delivery is likely to take. You can also make reservations if you want in-restaurant service, or browse by cuisine type.

The site currently claims to have more than 1,000 restaurants on its books, and a quick scan suggests most states have at least some coverage. Each restaurant sets its own delivery fee.

Lifehacker readers can score a 10% discount on their first Menulog order by using the discount code 22AE87. If you give it a whirl, let us know how well it works in the comments.



    I've used Menulog many a time.

    The online service itself is pretty good - as well as allowing you to rate and review restaurants, it keeps a record of orders you've made in the past so you can resubmit them (as it itemises the dishes you ordered too).

    As for the whole experience, well, that's very dependent on the restaurants in your area, their quality of service and food.

    If you order takeaway a lot it's worth giving it a look as the site also tells you which providers have special offers at any given time.

    We tried to use it a few weeks ago, but we couldn't see a phone number to ring up and ask the restaurant allergen related questions.
    So we had to go offline to get that info and place an order.

    While I can only comment on experience with the Canberra MenuLog, I've found it to be quite disappointing - the delivery took far longer than estimated, and the drivers called me three times trying to find my place (I live in a townhouse complex right off a major road, shouldn't have been that hard. And besides, ever heard of a map?). By the time the food arrived it was luke-warm at best.

    hmm, it only came up with one town as a result for my postcode and there are four or five towns here that share the same postcode!

    Then, it only came up with one restaurant result and it was a restaurant a fair way away (almost 20km). I doubt they would deliver this far! But as others have said, there was no phone number to ring and check, so yeah. :/

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