McAfee Stinger Removes Hard-To-Tackle Malware And Pesky Fake-Alert Programs

Windows only: McAfee Stinger banishes malware from your Windows PC, including those hard-to-get fake alert programs and their variants. The last thing anyone needs is malware masquerading as helpful.

Fake alert programs are always nasty little buggers to remove. We recently examined how to remove XP AntiSpyware, one such piece of malware, by going into the Windows registry and using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. While it doesn't appear to support removing that particular piece of malware, McAfee's Stinger is another free alternative that aims to do the job for several other fake security malware a bit more easily.

The program is pretty straightforward, and comes with a list of malware that it can remove without too much effort. It sports basic options to tweak sensitivity, including what and where to scan. Windows XP and Vista users should note that they might have to disable System Restore to use it.

McAfee Stinger is available as a free download for Windows only.

McAfee Labs Stinger [via Download Squad]


    McAfee is a virus in itself. I had Norton installed, as well as Avast, and Avast detected Norton and McAfee, on seperate computers, as having spyware/adware/viruses. I then went on the internet and googled them, and found out that alot of people have the same problem with both programs.

      Virtually all antivirus providors recommend you do not run multiple brands of antivirus simultaneously.

      Of course they recognise the other as a virus - they all use the system in ways which are flagged as virus-like.

      McAfee & Nortons (as long as genuine) are certainly NOT viruses.

    I know I'm not meant to. My computers and Laptops always come with McAfee or Norton pre-installed, so I always have to download Avast and install it manually. Neither McAfee nor Norton have came up with Avast being a virus though, and McAfee did come up with a virus alert for Norton as well. So although you may be right regarding McAfee, I'm still very wary of Norton, and will continue to think badly of it until proven otherwise, lol.

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