Make A Weather Shield For Your Camera

It seems logical that the same things we use to keep ourselves dry would keep our gadgets dry as well—hence photography website DIYPhotography's simple guide for turning a pair of rain pants into a weather shield for your camera.

Obviously, unless your camera is in the shape of a human leg, a little work is required—mainly a bit of cutting and sewing. Apart from some sewing chops (or proximity to someone that has them), you'll also need some velcro and, of course, a pair of rain trousers. If you have some lying around, those'll likely do fine, although you can usually get some for pretty cheap. DIYPhotography has some good tips on finding the right material depending on what kind of weather you're dealing with, as well as the full instructions for making the rain cover—so hit the link if you'd like to save yourself some camera panic next time the weather turns foul.

Protect Your Camera From Rain Using An Old Pair Of Rain Trousers [DIYPhotography]


    It really isn't necessary to go all that bother (and expense!), when a simple, adequate, plastic cover can be purchased on eBay. A pack of two caters for both camera, and camera with external flash. This example is for a Nikon or Olympus, but there are covers available for all the popular makes:
    (I have no connection with this seller - just one picked at random from a search of eBay).

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