Make A Beach Stereo Out Of A Cooler

Make A Beach Stereo Out Of A Cooler

Fancy some beachside music? Be prepared by making your own waterproof stereo from a cooler, a car battery, and any car stereo or radio you can find.

Even more useful than its waterproof nature is the use of the car battery, meaning you won’t need to be anywhere near a power source to use this — perfect for the beach, tailgating or pretty much anywhere outdoors. You can get most of the materials pretty easily online, and the sawing of holes and screwing on of water-tight bezels should be a piece of cake to any seasoned DIYer.

You may want to be at least a little comfortable working with electronics for this project though, as you’ll need to wire up the speakers and the battery yourself. It shouldn’t be too difficult a job — the instructions are quite detailed, and have accompanying pictures every step of the way. The only question now is where to put the beer when the cooler is full of electronics. Hit the link for the full how-to.

Stereo Cooler [Addictronics via Hack a Day]


  • A mate of mine and I built “the Esky Stereo” about 5 years ago and dragged it to the beach, the Australia Day fireworks and every other outdoors/barbeque occasion we could find.

    It served us well and Marcus has since rebuilt it with new stereo components.

    a couple of tips you might find handy:

    -Use a decent head unit with good shock protection, otherwise the bass from your speakers will make a CD skip.

    -Rather than a car battery, buy one of those emergency jump starters from any auto shop and gut it. The 12v SLA battery will run your system for a day, you get a free battery voltage indicator, a cigarette lighter port for charging phones and a nifty 240v recharging system.

    – Try to ‘install’ everything below half the height of the esky. Then you can install a false bottom and use the case to store towels, valuables and CDs. (Don’t make it too hard to remove, you WILL be making changes and repairs to the electrical components.)

    -Spinning CDs smokes the battery life, so install an antenna for radio and make sure your deck has AUX IN for portable mp3 players. (which can be plugging into that cigarett lighter jack for power…)

  • One other alternative for those that aren’t all that handy with tools is to do what I did and pick up an old school ghetto-blaster. I initially looked at the Lasonic’s i931 remake ghetto-blaster but it was way too expensive and looked very flimsy. So I bought an old Sharp GF-8585 for $50.00 off e-bay.

    It may not be waterproof but it looks a lot cooler (I always gets lots of comments when I i take it out), it produces a way better sound than any modern iPod dock with its 6″ drivers (25 watts RMS), it has AUX input so it can run any iPod or MP3 player or just plain old radio.

    It runs off of 8 x “D” size batteries and you might think this could get expensive. However I bought a set of generic alkalines 4 months ago and the ghetto-blaster is still running fine off the same set of batteries. This isn’t to say that I’ve only been using it occasionally at low volume levels, during this time I’ve used it many, many times at high volumes including a 4 day trip to Falls Festival where it was running almost constantly. It is so energy efficient and just seems to keep going and going.

  • haha i made one a little different to yours.. i use a wheelie bin with sand tyres, it had pioneer head unit, 12 sub low down on the front and 2 6 by 9s in the sides, it was stabalised by wood on the inside witched housed a 1200 watt amp, deep cycle marine battery and a battery charger( you get 16 hrs of cd play before regharge) just plug it in wen ever your near power how cool! ciggarete jack in front, a flexible blue light on the side, removable spirit pourer accessory on the side.. THE BEST PART ITS AN ESKIE AS WELL!! i put a thick peice of ply in and sealed it… i put a drain tap in and sprayed it with water proving material and it comfortably holds 2 cartons of beer under the latching lid.. i painted it blue and stuck aussie stickers on it and called it the BOOM BIN haha it glides along sand, grass or road and is lighter than taking out your average weekly garbge.. ive walked it 1.5 km to a party full, its great around the back yard party or shed and now its in the corner of my unit.. ive now made a boom bbq to match.. thats right a BOOM BBQ and is as impressive as the other, im sure theres a few more things to come, i even sold one for 750 and had 4 more orders from people who seen them, give one a go there pretty cool

  • I’m not exactly well-known for my hands on skills. Would any of you be willing to make one, or know anyone who is willing to sell a reliable one? I’v ebeen wanting something like this for years, but all the stock eskies you can win generally sound like poop. Clear sound, MP3 player and cold beverages together… perfect idea.

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