Magic Mouse, Fixed Makes Your Magic Mouse More Ergonomic

If you're a big fan of Apple's Magic Mouse but not such a big fan of the hand and wrist pain that many people experience after extended use, you'll want to check out this cheap hack.

The Magic Mouse, Fixed is a $US10 silicon add-on for the Magic Mouse, designed by a user named Will who was tired of sore hands after using the otherwise pleasant to use mouse. The product, seen in the photo above, simply suction cups onto the read of the magic mouse to provide a soft but solid surface for your hand to rest on. Check out the video below to see it in action:

Visit the website at the link below for more information. Love the Magic Mouse? Ditched it for a naturally more comfortable mouse? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Magic Mouse, Fixed [via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]


    I've never had this problem. I don't curve my hand but rather flatten it out. Although I would regard my hands as a little larger than the norm, my knuckles would be about a centimetre above the apple logo with my index finger and middle fingers reach to the front left and front right corners respectively.

    Is it April 1st already?

    Steve Jobs won't be pleased that people are circumventing their iCarpalTunnel innovations.

    Does anyone use the MagicMouse on there Windows machine?
    How are you finding it?

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