Life In Tier 2

Today's featured workspace is a peek inside a small tech support operation for a small west coast university. It's got everything you'd expect from a den of geekdom including piles of gear, movie posters, action figures and testing stations galore.

Lifehacker reader Rothgar shared his workspace, where he resides with multiple other techs, with us. It has everything from custom Simpsons artwork to action figures guarding the gear. Check out the pictures below for a closer look.

This is the first "permanent" desk in the office. There is a laptop on a docking station below the desk (hooked up to the main display) and a Mac Mini hiding under the stand hooked up to the secondary display. The computers are tied together with synergy+.

This is the first desk walking in the room and is used for people that temporarily work in the office throughout the day. The four monitors have a calendar, clock, webcam (showing outside the door) and Google Maps with traffic and weather. The monitors are powered by the desktop on the bottom left. There is also a laptop stand and secondary monitor on a state of the art USPS box.

This is our "rack" with a HP prolient server and Apple Xserve for machine imaging. Also has a Cisco switch, Netgear switch, Belkin KVM, Apple Mac Mini (used for music) and Sony receiver.

This is the main monitor our KVM is plugged into as well as our three servers. There are five open KVM ports for working on desktops and plenty of extra bench area for laptops.

This is the rest of the work bench. The two shelves were from IKEA and were actually slide out shelves for a kitchen that we just mounted. Below the bench is our fridge, microwave and miscellaneous storage for temporary projects.

Here are the storage shelves for spare inventory and machine ready for deployment. The front two shelves are mostly laptops and desktops and each shelf is separated by model/refresh year. The back corner shelf is misc stuff.

Here is another view of the shelves. The back shelf is laid out with new keyboards, new monitors, Ethernet and open monitors, power cables, ps/2 mice, usb mice, laptop power, miscellaneous cables and adaptors.

This is just a place to drop off our computer bags, write projects on the board and temporary shelving for random stuff.

This is the middle desk and has a iMac with Windows 7 and an HP tablet as a secondary machine. The machines are tied together with Input Director. The far right picture is a hand-drawn picture from my friend who draws for the Simpsons (it's me and Barney), and the next picture is a signed picture from The Big Bang Theory.

Here is the last desk and is shared between two users who are both in the office at different times. It is set up with a docking station and secondary monitor.

Here is the fourth desk with a 15-inch Macbook Pro and cinema display connected together, and the third monitor (far right) is connected to a HP desktop under the desk. The HP desktop is running Windows 7 and the MacBook 10.6. The machines are connected together with synergy+.

Life in Tier 2 [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    What does that wallpaper say? "GOD" something?

      With a bit of zoom, it appeared to say "God First Since 1899"... googling that yielded this page as a result:

      Seems to be the university's motto.

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