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You wanted Office 2010 on the cheap, you wanted healthy chips and you wanted groovy laptop lids. Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Students Can Score Office 2010 On The Cheap
    We’ve told you recently that buyers of Office 2007 will get a free upgrade when Office 2010 ships, and we’ve often noted student discounts on Microsoft products. Reader Chris W points out you can connect the two for a super-cheap Office deal.
  • Make Potato Chips In The Microwave Without Sacrificing Crunch Microwaves have gotten a bad rap with some people because they just don't cook some things as they should be cooked-food blog Savory Sweet Life attempts to squash this misconception with a lesson on cooking potato chips in the microwave.
  • ExtensionFM Is a Very Cool Browser-Based Music Library, (Chrome) Chrome extension ExtensionFM automatically collects MP3s from sites you visit and adds them to a browser-based library within the extension, allowing you to find all sorts of cool, new music without cluttering up your local library until you buy them.
  • Cluey Voter Helps You Sort Candidates On Election Ballots
    In this weekend’s South Australian election, there are 74 candidates for the Legislative Council. If you don’t want to just follow a party-defined voting order by putting a single 1 at the top, there’s a good chance that you’ll go wrong somewhere between writing the numbers 1 and 74 — and also that your feelings about some candidates and parties will be better-defined than others. That’s where the Cluey Voter webapp can help.
  • Top 10 Google Apps Marketplace Apps Google's Apps suite for domain owners and businesses has finally received some star treatment with the launch of the Apps Marketplace. Which Google-friendly apps are free, worth the cost, and entirely useful? These 10 are definitely worth a look.
  • NetBalancer Prioritises Network Traffic By Application (Windows) Ever wish you could guarantee your BitTorrent download didn't choke your streaming YouTube video-or vice versa-but don't feel like setting up Quality of Service rules on your super-router ? NetBalancer shapes bandwidth allocations for different apps on your PC.
  • Cool Designs For Your Laptop Lid
    Dell’s recent competition to design a custom notebook lid attracted more than 4,000 entries from across Australia. Here’s our selection of some of the best.
  • Get Mac-Like Scrolling And Gestures On A Windows Laptop Once you've used the hand-helping, time-saving, two-finger scrolling and three-finger gestures on a MacBook, a standard Windows trackpad can feel kind of, well, dead. Here's how to get total finger control with a tiny app, or go further with a driver swap.
  • Gnome Gmail Tightly Integrates Gmail Into Linux Desktops (GNOME-based Linux) There are work-arounds to set Gmail as a default mail app in Linux, but they don't cover right-click file sending and complex mail links. Gnome Gmail does a much better job of integrating Gmail.
  • Cancel A Print Job Without Waiting Years Ever tried cancelling a print job in Windows but feel like it takes ages before anything actually happens? It's a common annoyance, and one that helpful Reddit user Shikyo explains and remedies.
  • Remote Potato Streams Windows 7 Media Center Video to Your Browser, Adds Remote Control (Windows 7) Remote Potato is a free application that integrates with Windows 7 Media Center, allowing you to watch and schedule recorded video from the comfort of your browser, no matter where you are.
  • Kill Desktop Clutter By Banishing Transient Stuff If you haven't fought a battle with desktop clutter and mess, you're either without a desk, or in a pleasant minority. The rest of us can keep clutter from accumulating by banishing the transient junk from our workspaces.
  • MusicBee Is A Powerful, Easy-To-Use Music Manager (Windows) Despite the many great media players out there, MusicBee earns itself a spot high on the list with super tagging, managing, browsing, ripping, syncing, and converting powers, all on top of an intuitive interface familiar to any iTunes user.
  • The Definitive Guide To Keeping Your PC Up To Date Keeping your computer-including its operating system and all the installed third-party software-up to date is extremely important, but it needn't be a hassle or inconvenience. Here's a look at three tools you can use regularly to keep your system current.
  • WeatherBar Integrates Weather Forecasts With The Windows 7 Superbar (Windows 7) Like to keep the eye on the weather but never been too keen on sidebar gadgets or system tray apps? WeatherBar is a simple app that puts the weather in your Windows 7 taskbar, offering quick access to the forecast.
  • Use Boiling Water To Make A Perfect Wine Bottle Cut If you were impressed with the swanky recycled wine bottle cups we shared with you, but had trouble cutting the bottles cleanly, you'll definitely want to check out this guide to getting perfect cuts.
  • TestDrive Virtualises Brand-New Ubuntu Builds For Easy Testing (Ubuntu) Want to try out the latest build of the next Ubuntu release with almost no hassle at all? TestDrive is a one-shot tool that downloads, virtualises and keeps daily Ubuntu builds up to date.
  • The Windows 8 Concept Desktop Reader Saad Baig's desktop shows what a Windows desktop could look like if you made the Windows 7 Superbar really "super", by adding desktop widgets directly into the taskbar, easily accessible even with maximised applications.
  • Etacts Adds Contact Info, Social Networking, Handy Statistics To Your Gmail Sidebar (Chrome/Firefox) If you ever thought previously mentioned Xobni looked cool, but you prefer Gmail to Outlook, free Gmail plug-in Etacts adds many of the same features. You get social information, conversation history, and advanced sending preferences right in your Gmail sidebars.


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