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You wanted the lowdown on broadband, you wanted Android apps, and (as ever) you wanted some concrete iPad news. Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • 10 Key Results From The Whirlpool Broadband Survey
    Back in January, we encouraged readers to take part in the annual broadband survey conducted by legendary broadband community Whirlpool. The full results (based on 23,683 responses) have now been published: here’s ten of the most notable findings about the state of broadband in Australia.
  • What's The Registry, Should I Clean It, And What's the Point? There's nothing more mysterious on a Windows PC than the Registry, and today we'll explain exactly what it is, how it works, and whether you should bother cleaning it.
  • Disk Space Fan Analyses Hard Drive Space With A Dash Of Eye Candy (Windows) Free utility Disk Space Fan analyses your hard drive usage to help you determine what's taking up space on your hard drive, representing it all with fancy visualisation eye candy.
  • Road Worrier Road Tests The Livescribe
    It’s a pen, it’s a voice recorder — and it’s useful enough to warrant a place in my list of technology travel essentials. Road Worrier gets hands-on with the Livescribe.
  • The Day Trader's Paradise What do you get when you have space for a custom office setup, a good amount of cash, and the vision to make it all happen? Dozens of monitors and the need for your own personal power plant.
  • Opera 10.5 Final For Windows Brings The Speed (Windows) As expected, Opera made version 10.5 of its browser official this morning, calling it "the fastest browser on Earth" and also touting its Windows 7 integration, HTML5 video support, better private browsing, and more.
  • Australia Will Get The Apple iPad Late April
    While the US market now has a firm release date and the ability to place pre-orders for the Apple iPad, Australia remains firmly in vague information territory. The latest word on the Apple Australia site is that the iPad will be released in “late April”.
  • Top 10 Android Apps Android's been around for more than a year, and in that time developers have whipped up some great apps. Whether you're a new Android owner or a pro looking for new tools, these 10 great and free apps belong in your arsenal.
  • Free Alternatives To The MacHeist nanoBundle 2 (Mac) Popular shareware software bundler and discounter MacHeist has released a new bundle, offering up 7 premium apps for $US20. If you don't feel like shelling out the dough despite the hefty discount, let's take a look at free alternatives.
  • Choosing Between 32 Or 64-Bit Office 2010
    When Microsoft Office 2010 debuts in June, consumers will be able to choose for the first time between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the suite. Microsoft’s own Office blog offers a quick primer on which version you might want to select.
  • The Easy, Any-Browser, Any-OS Password Solution Whenever we talk passwords, we always preach the same thing: Use strong, difficult-to-remember passwords, and different passwords for every site. Easy to say, extremely difficult to do through sheer willpower.
  • Sonar Power Manager Controls Your Computer With Actual Sonar (Windows) Sleeping your computer is a useful way to save energy, but free utility SonarPM takes power management an awesome step further: It puts your computer to sleep automatically when you walk away from your desk—using sonar.
  • Exercise Or Not, Sitting At A Desk All Day Is Bad For You We've been proponents of standing desks and treadputers for some time, but we've also met with plenty of reader scepticism on the subject. The New York Times examines why sitting all day is so bad for you, whether or not you exercise.
  • Rapportive Replaces Gmail Ads With Contact Info, Is Very Cool (Firefox/Chrome) Sure it's nice and all that we get Gmail for free, but those ads to the right of open messages aren't really all that helpful. Free browser add-on Rapportive replaces Gmail ads with contact info about the sender.
  • Speed Up Your Shirt-Hanging Routine With A Simple Trick We love the two-second t-shirt folding technique we featured a few years back, but if you're more of a hanger than a folder, home blog Apartment Therapy's got a few pointers to help you speed up getting your shirts on hangers.
  • Squeeze Saves Hard Drive Space On Your Mac, Is Free Today (Mac) If you're quickly running out of space on your hard drive (or backup drive), free-for-today preference pane Squeeze lowers the footprint of large files by compressing any folder—without requiring anything fancy to read it again.
  • 750 Words Clears Your Mind, Gets Ideas Flowing In his web-site-turned-book Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far, Stefan Sagmeister says keeping a diary supports personal development. I couldn't agree more.
  • How To Add Location Awareness To Your Windows 7 PC (Windows) GPS-enabled smartphones make it easy to get directions, weather, and many more location based services since they automatically know where you are. With Geosense, you can bring this functionality to any Windows 7 computer even if it doesn't have a GPS chip.
  • Firefox 4.0 Alpha 2 + Chrome-Like Plug-In Isolation = Fewer Browser Crashes (Windows/Mac/Linux) Mozilla's second Developer Preview of Firefox 4.0's framework and back-end highlights a feature we'd heard was coming: separate processes for plug-ins. That means if (when) Flash or another plug-in crashes, there's a good chance your browser won't go with it.
  • KeeFox Integrates KeePass And Firefox (At Long Last) (Firefox) KeeFox brings tight integration between the cross-platform, open-source password manager KeePass and Firefox, providing automatic logins, form filling, and more.


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