Keyword Bookmarks Catalogues Handy Firefox Keyword Strings

Keyword Bookmarks Catalogues Handy Firefox Keyword Strings

Firefox: Keyword bookmarks in Firefox are an awesome way to turn your static bookmarks into active tools. Keyword Bookmarks catalogues the bookmarks you need to interact with popular sites.

We showed you how to set up keyword bookmarks in Firefox before, but sometimes it’s a hassle figuring out what the right search string is for the site you’re trying to set up a bookmark for. Keyword Bookmarks takes the hassle out of the process.

Browse the site to find the bookmark you want — such as this one for searching for Wikipedia — drag it to your bookmarks, add your own keyword like wiki and save it. From there out you can type wiki searchterm and Firefox will redirect you to the page for whatever search term you entered. Thanks digitmint!

Keyword Bookmarks


  • Firefox already has a number of keymarks built in, including wikipedia search. They all are:

    * google – Google Search
    * dict – Dictionary look up
    * quote – Google Search with stocks: operator
    * wp – Wikipedia
    * slang – Urban (slang) dictionary look up

  • Why is this necessary?? If you have the know-how to use keyword searches then surely you can right click on a search box and select ‘add a keyword for this search’

    The design is pretty though, should be applied to the much more useful mycroft- which is looking very dated.

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