Keep Projects Manageable By Limiting Scope And Features

It's easy to want your creations — whether software or new direction for your company — to do everything and be everything for everyone. Kill off features and refocus to reach completion faster.

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At Zen Habits, the productivity and simple living blog, they've put together a list of four principles for pushing a project forward towards completion. They suggest starting with a limited scope and always looking for features to trim:

Kill extra features. Similar to simplifying the scope, you'll want to try to make your creation do as little as possible. Want it to talk and walk and cook breakfast? Just try for talking. Want your website to publish great content and have social networking and podcasts and news and a newsletter and a membership area? Just shoot for great content. Whenever you find yourself adding new features, see if they can't be killed.

Slicing features allow you to focus and have a product that's better at X than your competitor's instead of average at XYZ and an idea that deeply changes one part of your company instead of ending up ignored. Check out the full list at Zen Habits for more getting to done tips. If you have a tip or trick of your own, let's hear about it in the comments.

4 Simple Principles of Getting to Completion [Zen Habits via Simple Productivity Blog]


    if you got something that's new with too many bells and whistles, then it's too hard for people to learn. If the learning curve is too large, people wont bother - so even if it is great and perfect, it can still overwhelm, and not get accepted for what its core function is.

    Add the bells and whistles when you have a core group of users.

    smaller is better.

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