Jana Wendt On Why You Don’t Need A Plan

Jana Wendt On Why You Don’t Need A Plan

Jana Wendt has enjoyed a media career for more than 30 years, but that didn’t turn out to be the result of a grand career plan — in fact it was the exact opposite.

In an interview to promote her new book Nice Work, which examines the issue of work-life balance, Wendt notes that she fell into a career in journalism after completing university, rather than having it set as a concrete goal:

People almost literally have 10-year plans now. That was the furthest thing from my mind … I just lived in hope that after I did a degree something might happen.

While having a life plan can be helpful, Wendt’s approach is arguably more useful now that it was back in 1978, given the reduced likelihood that anyone will stick with one employer for a lengthy period. It’s also the approach your Lifehacker editor took when going to university, so I can testify that it has at least some potential.

Jana Wendt: alive and kicking [Sunday Life]


  • Surely this is a good example of survivor bias? Not having a plan working out pretty well for Jana, which is why there is a story about her, but you don’t hear about all the people who didn’t have a plan and went nowhere.

    Just because it worked out well for one person doesn’t mean that it is a better strategy than actually having a plan.

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