Internet Explorer 9 Looks Faster, More Developer-Friendly

The Internet Explorer team is spilling some details and future promises about Internet Explorer 9 at the Mix conference, and a few of them are warming up some cold, hardened web and app developers.

So far, Microsoft has announced native H.264 streaming support through HTML5, which adds another player to the split over video streaming. They're also promising native audio and vector graphics through HTML5, a new JavaScript engine, and acceleration for 2D page factors. We'll update with more as Microsoft announces throughout the day. [Gizmodo]


    Because its x1 times crappier than 8.

      As a developer, I have to say IE8 is actually pretty decent (and that is bitter on my lips after IE6/7). Got to love when poser geeks who really have no idea what they are talking about.

        Agreed, "because it's not like a multibillion dollar company could ever beat a non for profit product"...

    The main problem with IE is the early versions have no real compatibility for web standards and do not auto update. Maybe because Microsoft whats people to thing to get a better web browser they have to buy a new version of windows.

      There wasn't anything wrong with IE6 in the beginning, in fact at release it was the most web compliant browser around. The problem is that it lingered around for far too long, and the release of IE7 still didn't match Firefox.


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