IE8 Tools To Improve Facebook

IE8 Tools To Improve Facebook

Internet Explorer runs a distant second to Firefox amongst Lifehacker readers, but IE8 does have a few useful tricks up its sleeve — including a bunch of add-on tools to make life easier for Facebook addicts.

Microsoft’s IEBlog rounds up a bunch of IE8 accelerators and web slices (effectively extensions) designed to make sharing content with Facebook friends easier. There’s even a toolbar option if you want to feel all early 2000s while using a modern browser. None look like a reason to switch to IE, but if you’ve got friends and relatives determined to remain in the Microsoft browser world, they’re useful tools to point out.

Facebook Add-ons for IE8 [IEBlog]


  • The first thing I do when I’m forced to use IE8 is disable the damn accelerators. I like highlighting text while I read, kinda like a marker or pointer of sorts, and things like Accelerators that pop up when you have highlighted text annoy me to no end.

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