iBooks Australia Manager Might Shorten Launch Delay

Australia got an iTunes music store two years after the US, so assuming that we'll get access to Apple-backed e-books on the iPad in a hurry might seem premature. However, while there's still no word on a local price, advance ordering or release date for the iPad, it does look like we won't have to wait quite that long for iBooks to appear.

Nick over at Gizmodo points out that Apple has advertised for an iBooks manager for the Asia-Pacific and Canada region on Seek. That's good news in that it means the process of developing international markets hasn't stalled in a round of "we can flog enough in the US, everyone else can wait" thinking. On the other hand, the fact that the job could well be based in Toronto hardly suggests a whole-hearted commitment to the local market.

Apple Looking For iBooks Manager For Australia [Gizmodo]


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