Guvera Free Ad-Supported Music Launches Today

Guvera, the ad-supported music service we wrote up recently, has its official launch today, which presumably means sign-ups should be authorised quickly. While this ad-supported model won't appeal to everyone, it's a useful addition to your free music repertoire. [Guvera]


    I'm reluctant to sign up, only because they want my full name and address. I don't understand WHY they need that. Their FAQ says "The address verification is to ensure you are the end user" but I don't see how an address can ensure that.

      Yeah, I know! I was quite eager to sign up but as soon as the address field came up, I got very suspicious. I then read the privacy policy and it says that they also collect a bunch of information from your computer.

        I asked the same questions but i have been using this in australia for about a month now, so i quizzed the guys at guvera, apparently it is simply to identify your localtiy so as to utilise your local advertisers to pay for your content. ie mr and mrs hairdresser from your local area would like to do a promotion and they select a demographic in this area at a certain age or whatever, thus you get the credits for free download.
        i was reluctant to give this information too, however i have and have not recieved any spam of any description, so as far as i see no problem.

        hope this helps somewhat

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