Google Replaces SearchWiki With Stars For Customised Search

Google's messed around with personalizing and re-ordering results based on who's searching for some time now. Their latest idea kills SearchWiki involves adding a "star" to a result you want to see up top in the future.

It's a feature that's rolling out, but should be available to everyone in the next few days, according to Google. When it arrives, any result you click to star is added to your Google Bookmarks, Google Toolbar, and any searches you do in and around that topic in the future. So if you star your local favourite coffee spot, expect to see it in a mini-box up top when you search for "coffee" in the future. SearchWiki results will stick around for those with Google accounts; if you liked leaving notes on search results, Google recommends its SideWiki offering.

Can you see value in starring results, or is that what bookmarks are for? Share your thoughts on Google's latest personalised search experiment in the comments.

Stars make search more personal [Official Google Blog]


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