Get Better At Parallel Parking

We all had that someone - mum, dad, aunt, neighbour - who told us everything we needed to know about parallel parking. Over time we lose some of it and pick up bad habits. Drop back into driver's ed with a smart video.

What distinguishes this clip, crafted by Vehix (with just a little bit of cheesy branding) and posted by the Wise Bread frugality blog, is that it moves slowly but deliberately through the parallel parking process. Three different driving instructors provide different spoken or diagrammed illustrations of what's happening, while one of a few intrepid drivers tries to pull off the perfect parallel themselves. You see them try, fail, try better, and learn a few points to keep in mind the next time you're facing a lack of off-street parking and just one tight little spot left.

As Wise Bread points out, being confident about parallel parking saves you from driving up six storeys and paying ransom at a parking garage.

Skills That Can Save You Money Part 1: Parallel Parking [Wise Bread]


    The video only shows large parking spaces. With such a large parking space, anyone can parallel park! The reality is that often times the space is much smaller, especially in the CBD. In Melbourne, the edge of the road near the pavement often has flagstones for some reason. This makes it a bumpier ride and harder to control reversing speeds evenly.

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