From The Tips Box: Dressing Up To GTD, Collar Stays

Readers offer their best tips for not losing collar stays, and a dress code for getting things done.

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Dress Up to Focus and Get Things Done

Photo by Kai Hendry.

Bonsai_haicyon tells us how he keeps his focus when it's time to get work done:

When trying to study up for a midterm or buckle down on the paper due tomorrow, you might find it helpful to dress up a little, instead of wearing your sweats.

I had a college roommate who would put on a jacket and tie when he had to cram for a midterm or final - dressing nicely helped put him in the right frame of mind for Getting Things Done. It's all mental.

This may not be for everyone, and may seem like a strange tip — but I can definitely back this up for some. It's why I don't own sweats... I feel like I should be watching TV with the flu when I wear them.

Use Old Containers and Sharpies to Keep Track of Collar Stays

Photo by Guilherme Torelly .

mahfrot shows us his favourite collar stay wrangler:

I found myself continually losing collar stays whenever I'd take them out to wash my dress shirts. I'm sure there's a million other options out there, but I found using an old Altoids tin the perfect size. Also, to make sure I remember which stays go to which shirt, I write on the back of the stays in Sharpie the colours or patterns on the shirt.


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