Fiverr Outsources Your Small Jobs For $US5

Want to hire someone to design your business cards, teach you backflip techniques, or send you a postcard from France on the cheap? Fiverr hooks you up with people willing to do all sorts of neat things for five US bucks.

The concept of Fiverr is clever and simple to get into. People sign up for a free account, then post what task or service they're willing to do for five clams. They range from the very useful, like help with maths problems, to the downright weird — "I will talk down to you like my father." Likewise, if you've got a small but helpful service you'd be willing to perform for cheap, you can post your own services offered to Fiverr.

Looking for a specific service and don't see it listed? Suggest one and hope someone comes along with a matching skill. Gigs are categorised according to type — Writing, Advertising, Technology, etc — so browse until you find what you're looking for, or search by keyword for something specific.

What kinds of jobs would you outsource for five bucks? Would you be interested in doing jobs for others at that price point? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Fiverr [via TechCrunch]


    what a great idea! I love the idea that some random stranger can forgive you for $5

    I have been using fiverr for a few months now - Its good for a giggle to scroll through what folks will do for 5 bucks. As I am an Aussie its kind of funny as my credit card statement is full of $4.86 fees as our exchange rate is higher than the yanks. Perhaps my sense of humour as the sites called 5 errr - Anyhow not a bad little site to get some marketing ideas

    Love using Fiverr for the useful and not so useful tasks. A definite hit and miss but hey it's only $5!

    Fiverr is simply great. I use it whenever I want something different for my business. Does anyone know of a similiar service in Australia

    Yes. there is similar service in Australia for Fiverr Australia. this is called Sixter is the best Fiverr alternative for Australians. They have bank wire withdrawals, so no fees withdrawals and get 90% of all revenues generated.

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