Firefox 4.0 Alpha 2 Showcases Chrome-Like Plugins

Windows/Mac/Linux: Mozilla's second Developer Preview of Firefox 4.0's framework and back-end highlights a feature we'd heard was coming: separate processes for plugins. That means if (when) Flash or another plugin crashes, there's a good chance your browser won't go with it.

This second alpha of Firefox 3.7 — which is, confusingly, what will actually be released as 4.0 — adds some performance improvements and HTML5 efficiencies, but the main new thing is the "out-of-process" plugins. Contained, stand-alone processes for each tab and add-on are likely in Firefox's future, but starting off with the most likely crash candidates is a good start.

Those interested in kicking the tyres really hard on Flash crashes and reporting back to Mozilla should give it a go, as should anyone developing extensions or testing site compatibility.

This Firefox developer preview is a free download, available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

Mozilla Developer Preview Now Available With Out-of-Process Plugins [Mozilla Developer News]


    By my understanding, the 3.7alpha (which is currently in alpha 3 btw) is it's own branch, with Firefox 4.0 due in a different branch.

    Overall I haven't noticed much by ways of increased performance with the alpha (which I am posting from now btw).

    Really looking forward to DirectDraw support in FF4 :)

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