Enjoy Fresh Bread With One Minute Of Prep

Enjoy Fresh Bread With One Minute Of Prep

If you’ve been trying to incorporate more oven-fresh and less store-bought into your diet, this simple bread recipe will have you eating fresh bread every day.

Similar to the five-minute bread recipe we shared with you last year, this simple recipe might take a little longer than a minute but it’s still really fast and low-fuss.

You’ll need some basics like flour, yeast, warm water and an oven, but the recipe requires little more than a quick prep before work, leaving the slow-rising dough to sit until you get home, and then throwing it in the oven. It’s definitely a speedy way to get fresh bread on the table for dinner.

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Kitchen Hack: One-Minute B read [Stepcase Lifehack]


  • I think this is great! I’ve just recently began to cook “healthy” foods, which is another way of saying “Expensive”, but I don’t especially like to bake.
    A little adjustment on the salt and I think I’ve got a winner!
    Keep up the good work.

  • I made this for the first time on Saturday. Then had to make another one sunday – the first was gone so fast! We used it for breakfast sandwiches Sunday morning. Not only is this totally easy, but it’s so versatile! We used italian seasoning blend on the first one, with a flour base. The second one was rosemary & onion flakes on cornmeal. This is definitely one to hand out to friends! Thanks *so* much!

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