eBay Contemplating Fee-Free Listings For Local Items

eBay Contemplating Fee-Free Listings For Local Items

As regular Lifehacker readers know, eBay quite often offers discounts on listing fees, especially for low-value starting prices. Now it seems the auction giant is contemplating a more permanent discount.

At APC, I’ve reported on a recent survey sent to eBay members, which raises the possibility of not charging a listing fee on items listed for local pick-up only amongst a host of other possible changes. While it’s not a firm plan at this stage, the fact that eBay is even considering suggests both that it’s feeling the pressure from rivals and that it want to assess audience reactions better than it did with its disastrous and abandoned compulsory PayPal plan. If you’re not looking to make money, but just want stuff you don’t need to find a new home, Freecycle remains a good option.

eBay Australia considers free listings [eBay]


  • Although eBay withdraw it’s plan to offer PayPal as the only form of payment on eBay, it’s change to enforce PayPal as a mandatory form of payment, in my experience in my auctions, have resulted with the majority of the auctions I list being paid through PayPal. As a seller, I get charged a final listing fee on eBay and then double-dipped with a second payment fee from PayPal, effectively doubling my fees.

    • You are spot on. I hate the double hit! It discourages selling as you have pointed out, and less directly buying, when sellers have to factor in the extra charges and increase their pricing.

      Would welcome free this free listing if it ever comes to fruition.

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