E-Books Soon In Borders Australia

E-Books Soon In Borders Australia

E-Books Soon In Borders AustraliaIt took long enough for the Kindle to hit Australian shores, but the range of e-book choices have increased rapidly in recent months. The latest development? The promise that soon you’ll be able to buy e-book readers and titles in Borders’ Australian stores.

Blair Speedy at the Australian reports that Redgroup Retail, which owns both Borders and Angus & Robertson, will roll out the Kobo platform, developed by Canadian book chain Indigo, within the next month or so. Kobo books can be read on a range of devices, including phones and laptops. Overall there’s quite a lot of development in the local e-book marketplace, even if the iPad won’t initially offer any e-book options in Australia.

Redgroup Retail to launch e-books [The Australian]


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