DIY Chalkboard Table Makes For Easy Notes When Inspiration Strikes

Inspiration can strike at strange times, and you don't always want to go hunting for a pen and paper to capture your idea. DIY weblog Instructables has you covered with this easy-to-build chalkboard table.

The instructions don't require any super-intense DIY know-how, just some basic tools and a little elbow grease. It mainly consists of painting, gluing, and a little bit of sawing and drilling. There are quite a few materials, but nothing you shouldn't be able to find with a trip to your local IKEA and home hardware store — some board for the table, a trestle for the legs, chalkboard paint, and some aluminium extrusions for holding the chalk on the side of the table (and, of course, the usual screws and drill bits that you may or may not have lying around). The nice thing about this guide is that it's extremely detailed, with tons of pictures to go along with the process (so you don't end up asking "Why doesn't mine look like that?). Hit the link for the full details.

Chalkboard Table [Instructables]


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