Direct Photo Shoots With Your Hand

Having trouble getting people where you want them in your shots? Stop telling them which way to move and start telling them to follow your hand as you direct them where you want them.

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At any major tourist site in the world, you can hear people being told to "move left a bit" as photographers grapple to compose their images. Portrait photographer John Denton passed on this simple but very helpful piece of advice at the recent Focus on Imaging conference in the UK.

"It's much easier to say 'watch the hand' then to tell them which way to move," he said. As well as being less confusing for your subjects, it has an advantage for the photographer as well. "It makes you follow and check the light," Denton noted, which often results in a better shot.

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    “It’s much easier to say ‘watch the hand’ _than_ to tell them which way to move,”

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