Dell's Top 25 Laptop Lid Design Choices

Earlier this week, we showed you a handful of designs from Dell's laptop lid design competition. If that initial selection didn't float your boat, we've got the top 25 choices as picked by the competition's judges (and much better quality pictures to boot).

There's almost no overlap between the official top 25 seen here and the examples I personally liked, which shows that my taste is very much out of whack with the general populace and design nerds. As we mentioned before, unfortunately you can't yet buy machines with these images added to them, but they do potentially make cool wallpaper. Click on any image for the larger version.


    If Dell won't do it for you there is company in the States that does it.

      Or in Australia you have Tek Skin:

    I also think these are absolutely rubbish.
    Have to wonder who the supposed judges are...

    Seriously, this is the top 25? Some of them look like people just ran a filter in photoshop to create an effect.

    While I do like a couple of the arty ones, I have to ask, where are all the graphic designers? Surely there would have been some "pro" artists entering?

    These are worse than the Year 12 Body of Work artworks I saw at the NSW Art Gallery this afternoon.

    Wow, its the 'Myspace' of laptop lids...

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