Deep Water Bath Fills Your Tub To The Brim

A luxurious soak in the bathtub is that much better when you can sink all the way up to your chin. Use Deep Water Bath to override the overflow valve and get extra inches of water in the tub.

Home decorating blog Apartment Therapy directed us to this cool gadget. It fits over your tub's drain overflow valve to let the water rise nearly to the rim. The semi-plug has a drain hole at the top, though, so your tub won't actually overflow. It's removable, too, and easy to stash when not in use. Pick it up at Amazon for around $US7.

For a self-made and much more permanent approach, Apartment Therapy has some other ideas for filling your tub nice and high. Check out the full post for those ideas and other tips on getting a nice, deep water soak. Share your favourite bathtime luxury tips in the comments.

Deep Water Bath [Amazon via Apartment Therapy]


    Yeah, let's all use as much water as possible. 'Cos we think it's cool (or luxurious) to waste it. Just to be really boring (sorry), just 3% of all the earth's water is freshwater, and just 1% of that we can access to drink. As this little planet gets covered in more and more people, perhaps suggesting having deep baths is a good idea isn't such a good idea.
    And that from a non-activist, non-environmentalist!

      That's because no one has designed a tub that caters for people who don't want to lie down to get wet. Sitting upright with water up to your chin can happen in a deeper bathtub with a sit up position/ Kind of like being in a beer barrel which would be perfect for a good soak. It annoys me when every bath place has the same old boring tubs as the next one. Sit up tubs would use far less water and be more accessable for more bathrooms.

    What NKT said.A full bath uses 140 litres of water!

    No-one would call me particularly environmentally friendly, but even I raised my eyebrows at this one.

    This may have been better kept to yourself, lest the less educated/intelligent among us decide to find other cool ways to waste water >.<

    Also, I have to say I have never seen one of those devices :o All my baths just overflow when they are full :p

    Never mind the device, if you filled it to the brim, wouldn't the water overflow when you got in?? Water displacement and all that. [email protected]

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