CutMP3.Net Extracts Pieces Of Audio Entirely Online

Need a quick ringtone or an isolated snippet of audio from a bigger file? CutMP3.Net does it with a file upload button, two sliders and a "Cut" button.

This isn't the tool for those looking to actually alter, mix or fine-tooth comb over their audio — for them, there is the very cool web-based Myna, and the free Audacity desktop editor.

But when you're away from your own laptop or looking to make a simple extraction from a song or audio file, lets you upload, play and use sliders or precise time markers to select the boundaries of your portion. Hit "Cut" and you're prompted to save your new snippet. Depending on your phone, it's then pretty easy to email it to yourself or save it to memory to make a ringtone, if that's what you're after. is free to use and requires no sign-up. There's no file size limit listed, but since you're doing the uploading yourself, it's better used as a small file utility.

CutMP3.Net [via Download Squad]


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