Cool Designs For Your Laptop Lid

Dell's recent competition to design a custom notebook lid attracted more than 4,000 entries from across Australia. Here's our selection of some of the best.

While the winner (the final image of a laptop lid covered with coffee rings) will be produced as a one-off for its creator, Dell isn't yet offering the option of adding any design you like to your new notebook purchase. On the other hand, if you fancy getting creative with some glue, almost anything's possible.

This selection is my favourites from the 100 best designs Dell showed off to journalists last week — and I have to admit, they've slightly made me shift my view that customised laptops are always "pretentious and/or creepy". Click on any image for the larger version (and apologies for the less-than-perfect photography; I was working with a smart phone camera and failed to follow Lifehacker's own advice at all times).


    That was the best?

    To be honest these aren't as good as last year's.

    I don't think I like any of those.

    I really like Dell4, and Dell2 isn't bad either. I think the initial humour in the winning entry will get old in about 5 minutes and you'd want something better. The unique cover designs are one of the few reasons I'd choose a dell laptop, stands out and gives it a bit more personality.

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