Cluey Voter Helps You Sort Candidates On Election Ballots

In this weekend's South Australian election, there are 74 candidates for the Legislative Council. If you don't want to just follow a party-defined voting order by putting a single 1 at the top, there's a good chance that you'll go wrong somewhere between writing the numbers 1 and 74 — and also that your feelings about some candidates and parties will be better-defined than others. That's where the Cluey Voter webapp can help.

Developed by Google ANZ engineering head Alan Noble, Cluey Voter is currently populated with data for the SA election. You can rate how much you support each of the listed party groups on the Legislative Council ballot, letting you specify causes you're keen on, dead against or indifferent to.

The app then produces a basic ordered list of those groups, where you manually change the rankings for specific individuals (useful if, like me, one of the main pleasures of an election is placing people you despise as low as possible). There's a 'check numbering' button to make sure you don't mess up during this process.

When you're pleased with the outcome, print it out for an easy-to-copy personal guide for use on election day. It's a non-flashy but very cool app; here's hoping the relevant data gets added for the expected 2010 Federal election when that happens.

Cluey Voter [via Official Google Australia Blog]


    Keep us updated! this would be a great tool for some if adapated to other state/federal elections

      This version is something I developed at the 11th hour but if there is enough interest, I'll definitely look at supporting other upper house elections.

        Alan - what's happened to Cluey Voter? I can't get it via several methods (not my computer cos I can get other sites) - looks like its been deleted? Bad timing, election is tomorrow!!

    Hey there's TWO elections on this Saturday. What about the Tassie voters?? Google playing favourites?

      Two thoughts: it's a private project by the Google guy (who is from SA), and I suspect there are fewer candidates in Tasmania.

        And three: the Tasmanian elections use the Hare-Clark system of proportional voting, and the permutations there are almost enough to make any ordinary voter's head spin.

        True, this is a personal project for now.

        That said, Saturday's Tasmanian election is only for the House of Assembly there (lower house), not their Legislative Council (upper house).

        Cluey Vote is only for making upper house voting easier.

    Useful to prove to myself that voting above the line (in my case) is the easier and just as good way for me to vote.
    My preferred party's preferences mimic those generated by Cluey Voter (not exactly, but close enough as to make little difference) down to about my 20th preference, after which it's all a bit academic as I understand things...

    All you need to do is put a 1 in the Z column this election.

    As someone who is voting for the very first time & not wanting to do the 'above the line thing', this is fantastic! Will be passing the link on.

    How does this get a mention on Lifehacker? Have you tried to use the program? It's harder to use than the election form itself. If you want to re-arrange manually then it's a complete nightmare. If it had drag-and-drop functionality and then populated the numbers when you were finished, you might have something that would make life easier.

      Yes, I did use the program, with no dramas. It is a pretty simple interface, but not all of us think drag-and-drop is the easiest way to shuffle stuff around anyway. Each to their own, I guess.

        Unless I'm mistaken, the main issue with voting below the line comes when you realise that you missed someone out or you want to re-arrange the order. One such small change can mean that you have to re-number many subsequent boxes. How does this system help that situation? Developing interfaces that make sense to geeks is easy. Sites that are easy for normal people requires non-geek thinking.

          Seems to me that it helps, as you can click the 'check numbers' button to see if you've missed anything. Not an option on the actual form!

    I can't get this to work. Clicking on anything just locks it up.

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