Clean Your iPhone With Your Tongue

Direct from the yes-it-probably-works-but-it-remains-gross department: saliva turns out to be a relatively efficient screen cleaner for an iPhone.

Picture by chaparral

Lifehacker reader Rhett wrote in with this advice:

Don't ask me how I found this out, but if you've got crap on your iPhone screen that won't come off with a tissue, giving your iPhone a good lick or two and then giving it another go with a tissue is a win every time.

We take no responsibility for your phone if you try this out. Another useful iPhone cleaning tactic is using a paintbrush to get gunk out of the speakers. Thanks Rhett!


    Okay, licking the screen is rather gross. I'm sure you could achieve the same effect by transferring saliva using a finger or two. Or even spit directly onto the tissue.

    Well, apart from the fact that it's wet and moist, saliva contains enzymes that will soften and help to remove most of the crud that can get on the screen.
    I don't think I'd recommend that though, especially if other people have touched the screen. Who knows where those fingers have been...

      you touch the screen, you touch your mouth/food.. bad luch.. if germs can be transferred (even though they will be dead if their is nothing for them to live on) they will get into your mouth whether you lick it or not..

    I clean my phones screen with Vodka. I don't like drinking that much these days and i have a half bottle of Smirnoff that i bust out when i have a dirty phone :) I apply it with a cotton ball and wipe it with a screen cleaner cloth which came with the phone :)

    I think the tip is more about the properties of saliva and it's in-a-pinch effectiveness on a grubby screen. That, or the whole thing is a humorous jab: "Don't ask me how I found this out"

    This is really stupid - what's wrong with the incredibly obvious means of just breathing on the glass and wiping, as you would a pair of sunglasses? In fact i get an excellent result if i just wipe the glass with my palm.

    I predict an average time-span of 12 seconds between iphone owners reading this, and trying it. It took me a solid 25, but I had to find it first.

    This is happen when cleaning stuff is getting expensive..

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