CardNap Lets You Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

Gift cards are pretty flexible, but if a well-meaning relative gives you one for a store that doesn't interest you at all, what can you do? Newly-launched site CardNap offers one possible solution: selling off the unwanted cards for cash.

As well as getting rid of brand-new cards, the site also offers to sell cards which you've partially used but can't see yourself completing (you can't sell cards valued under $25 or over $250). Enter the details of your card and the site will produce a suggested selling price, discounted from the face value.

If you accept that offer, payment can be made to the seller via PayPal or bank transfer. This doesn't work with any card, but only those on the site's approved list (presumably a move to reduce fraud). As far as I can tell, the company makes its profit by claiming the difference between the value of the card and the discounted face value it sells to others.

CardNap is still in its early stages, so there's not a huge number of cards on offer, and we encountered quite a number of PHP errors while browsing the site, but it's an intriguing idea. If you give it a try, let us know how it goes in the comments.



    Hey Angus,

    Thanks a lot for the post! We didn't think people would be checking the site early. All PHP errors gone, we had debugging mode on :-)

    Hope you like the site.


    So, theoretically, I could buy some itunes cards when they are on special for 25% off and then sell them for 13% off the face value at CardNap and then profit? ;D

    or this one?

    Is this site still active????

    Trading 30$ Google play for 30$ iTunes. Got wrong one at woollies xD

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