CapSee Notifies You When Caps Lock Is On

Mac OS X: The caps lock key is possibly the most irritating key on the keyboard, nestled all too close to the A key for fumbling fingers. CapSee gives you an on-screen alert when you turn caps lock on.

Styled after the built-in Mac notification bezels, CapSee is a tiny application that puts a large and highly visible bezel-style visual notification on the screen when you accidentally tag the caps lock key.

Have a simple app to share that makes your user experience all the better? Found the perfect thing to remap the caps lock key to? Let's hear about it in the comments. CapSee is freeware, Mac OS X only.



    The little light on the keyboard tells me.
    Or, when I start typing and its in caps, that tells me too.

    Aaah Macs. Helping noobs use computers.

    My Logitech keyboard software on Windows shows a similar popup display.

    What kind of noob would need this... oh its for Mac OS X only, I see :P

    Uh windows fanboys: os x puts a little symbol in the text field showing if you have caps on (as well as a light on the keyboard). you are the n00bs for using a gaming os for other things! And when steam comes out for Mac OS X then windows will not be needed for any reason! mwahahahahahahah

    But Apple keyboard has a built in anti caps lock accident button.

    Or you could disable the Caps Lock key altogether using Double Command:

    I also map Right Option on my MBP as Control to make space switching a single handed affair.

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