Big Pond Music Dumps WMA

Big Pond Music Dumps WMA

Further proof that we love MP3 and hate DRM: BigPond Music will stop selling music in the Windws Media Audio (WMA) format from April 1.

BigPond actually started selling MP3-format music back in August 2008, and at the time we predicted it wouldn’t be long before WMA got dumped. Customers who have purchased music in that much-reviled format now only have a couple of weeks to ensure they have appropriate DRM keys to move the files.

With popular tracks at 99 cents and others for $1.65, BigPond Music was already a pretty decent alternative to the iTunes store. The absence of WMA in any form to tempt uninformed is certainly an improvement.

BigPond Music [via APC]


  • To be honest I thought they’d already dropped it. I haven’t seen a wma on bigpond music for a long time.

    It’s definitely an awesome alternative to iTunes. I was forced to download from iTunes the other day, and remembered they don’t have mp3 format at all. GRR!

    • Lossless is nice and it’s for this reason I thought Trent Reznor did a damn admirable job putting up The Slip for sale online.

      You could get mp3, flac, ogg formats, in addition to raw wave files, regular or 5.1 channel mixes or even seperate audio files if you want to grab some samples. Or if you like your music offline, CD, DVD, Blu Ray or Vinyl.

      I recognise some of those things (most even) only really appeal to audio geeks or more extreme fans, but he used it well to his advantage and at least had the option there – an option which plenty of people were accordingly happy to pay more for.

  • MP3, yea it was ok 10years ago, but the world has moved on. good to see that bigpond music is catching up to the 90’s. Those sticking to the old mp3 format need to get off it, AAC is where its at. far more advanced and much better quality. and for the uneducated, its not DRM. DRM is added by the seller, its no endemic. just because a format has the ability to have DRM doesn’t make it bad. besides just about EVERY new player supports AAC these days. so no more excuses. and NO…AAC does not mean iTunes, its a format, its an industry standard.

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