Avoid Squiggly TV Images In Photographs

Ever notice how older-model televisions and monitors have that scanning-in-progress look in video and photographs? That's because your lens is literally capturing the set in the middle of a screen refresh. You can avoid that effect with some camera adjustment.

Photo by dailyinvention.

The Digital Photography School blog explains the capture science behind trying to capture non-LCD/plasma TVs, CRT monitors and other display devices:

The screen on a TV is rolled down one pixel at a time at lightening speed. Use a speed of 1/30 or slower to catch the fully ‘rolled out' screen of pixels.

If your camera doesn't allow you to set a shutter speed, take a look at the automatic modes. For example, 'sports' mode wouldn't be any good because the shutter is too fast.

Got experience shooting with older, electron-beam-powered monitors in the frame? Do tell in the comments.

How to Take Photos of a TV Without the Squigglies [Digital Photography Schoo


    Alternatively, do what the photographer has cleverly done in the image above and turn the TV off.

    Lightning. No "e".

    Great suggestion. My new DSLR has shutter speed control, but in the past with "cheap" cameras, I often used the "Night" or low light mode. That has a much slower shutter speed to let more light in, found it was good for TVs and CRT screens etc :)

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