Australians Multi-Tasking TV Viewing And Internet Use

From the obvious-but-nice-to-have-it-backed-with-data department: we're watching less TVand using the Internet more, but one doesn't necessarily preclude the other.

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Media blog Mumbrella reports that Nielsen's 2010 Internet & Technology report has found the average Australian Internet user spends 17.6 hours a week online. The same study last year measured usage at 16.1 hours a week.

When we reported that figure in 2009, I speculated that it didn't adequately account for the fact that many people browse online while also watching TV or listening to the radio. That's been confirmed in this year's study, which found that 49% of Netizens regularly watched TV while surfing. Another notable number in the study was that 2.9 hours a week were spent watching TV online, presumably a figure made up largely of YouTube clips and quota-free iView.

The Australian data is in line with a similar US study which found people spent 68 hours online a month. While that clearly demonstrates that download caps aren't massively constraining our willingness to go online, I still suspect that most Lifehacker readers will think it's a pretty low figure.

Nielsen: Traditional media consumption rises with the internet [Mumbrella]


    Duel Screens FTW!
    I watch Iview and surf/game/chat

    i usually have the tv on in the background unless i do something that requires a lot of focus or i'm recording audio in which case i will at least turn the sound down on my tv

    I had to laugh... I came across this article while sitting in front of the tv... multi-tasking my internet browsing and tv viewing.

    Multitasking...Yes if you want to see more than one thing at a time. Can't help it sorry we have to do that because after work we have got only 4 hrs to watch all.

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