Australia Will Get The Apple iPad Late April

Australia Will Get The Apple iPad Late April

While the US market now has a firm release date and the ability to place pre-orders for the Apple iPad, Australia remains firmly in vague information territory. The latest word on the Apple Australia site is that the iPad will be released in “late April”.

There’s no specific information offered on whether this is the Wi-Fi or 3G version, but given that Apple had earlier said the Wi-Fi model would be released in March ahead of an April release for the 3G models, that pattern will probably be maintained. In the States (where iPad pricing was announced at launch, and where e-books will be immediately available), the 3G device comes out on April 3, with pre-orders taken from March 12.


  • I’m definitely going to get an iPad. But I would like to know whether I will be able to connect my iPhone to the iPad via Bluetooth for cellular data. I don’t want to have another monthly data fee if I can avoid it. Does anyone have any insights about this?

  • my guess date is around 17th-31st of april, heavy information and pricing should definitely come in from april 1st to the 10th, if its the tenth of april and we still dont have any more info then, australia, get ready because you’re getting it at christmas!

    my guess for starter price is $599 (but when u add GST, takes it to $610 and apple never sells something for $610 so they’l probly put it to $649 or $699 if their lame) i hope they keep it cheap, we have paid top notch apple prices for ALONG time now and we have been a great asset to apple inc, give australia a break

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