Aussie In-Flight Internet Still Progressing Slowly

Despite successful introductions in many world markets, Australia's airlines have stalled on introducing in-flight Internet for either domestic or international flights — and it looks like arguments over standards will maintain that situation for quite some time.

At Australian IT, David Frith rounds up the arguments presented to ACMA by major telcos and airlines for a recent discussion paper. While ACMA backs a pico-cell system that connects satellites to mobiles, Telstra has argued that its Next G system would be more efficient. Neither option is likely to be cheap, and the satellite-based alternative is likely to use slow GPRS connections.

Qantas has promised to add Internet connectivity to A380 flights, but it hasn't happened to date. While short-haul flights barely get airborne long enough to make it worthwhile, it would be good to have connectivity on flights to Perth.

In-flight internet still up in the air but drawing closer [Australian IT]


    What? Australia is woefully behind the rest of the world? Ha what a surprise. We are such a technological backwater especially when it has anything to do with the Internet.

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