Ask Lifehacker: Project Management And Comparisons

Ask Lifehacker: Project Management And Comparisons

Hi Lifehacker, I am searching for a web app that I played with a fair while ago but I cannot remember the name of it. I have looked around the Internet and my emails to try and find the name of it but no luck. I am not entirely sure if I discovered it on Lifehacker but I thought I’d ask anyway. So the app is for project management, and it is similar to Pivotal Tracker. However, the twist is that it’s made for comparing competing products.

It allows you to create a chart of features from different products so you can easily visualise the difference in competing products. If that rings any bells or you just want to shoot in the dark that’s fine. Best, Jesse

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Dear Jesse,

While we’ve run a lot about project management and comparison services around here, nothing immediately springs to mind that exactly matches your description. It would be easy to build a basic comparison listing using Google Docs, Zoho or any other online spreadsheet app, though you’d have to copy in the data yourself. (That’s true of any general purpose application in this area, I suspect: most comparison sites cover just one type of product in order to be able to automate the processes involved.)

If any of our readers know exactly which app Jesse is hunting for, let us know in the comments. Sorry we couldn’t be more help straight away.

Stay productive, Lifehacker


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