Apply Sunscreen On Commonly Missed Spots To Avoid Burns

It only takes missing a little spot to get an uncomfortable sun burn. Make sure you're getting head to toe protection by learning the commonly missed spots.

Photo by Laura Brunow Miner.

At the how-to section of the encyclopedic HowStuffWorks web site they've put together a list of the most commonly overlooked areas of the body when it comes to sunscreen application. Among them? The feet. Apparently people hate putting sunscreen on their feet:

In a 2004 study performed in Europe, volunteers at a beach were provided with sunscreen and told they'd be evaluated on how well they used sunscreen. Even though volunteers had every reason to be diligent about sunscreen application, researchers found that the participants rarely applied the product to the tops of their feet. When asked why, 50 percent of the participants said they didn't want sand to stick to their feet [source: Lademann et al] .

While the sensation may be unpleasant, our feet are just as at risk for skin cancer as the rest of our body. According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, skin cancer on the foot often goes unnoticed because people don't check their feet as diligently as they check other body parts [source: Medical News Today] . Lessen your risk for skin cancer and flip-flop tans: apply sunscreen to your feet.

As an individual who has rocked an amazing sandal-tan more summers than not, I can heartily get behind that advice. For more overlooked spots—like behind the knees, ouch!—check out the full article at the link below.

5 Commonly Missed Sunscreen Spots [HowStuffWorks]


    maybe an opportunity for an untapped market - foot screen?

    I got a burn just like in that photo at Christmas time. Was wearing tights to just below my knees and did not carefully apply sun screen to my feet or the area below the knees. The tan (inverted sock tan) is still visible today.

    The place I got burnt most badly recently was in the 'V' of a polo shirt. Forgot to put sunscreen there, spent a 40C Adelaide day working outside and had a near-perfect pink triangle on my chest for about a week. Ouchie.

    I have to agree with TOM. Same thing a couple of years ago, except mine lasted months.

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