3 Cuts Price On Mobile Internet Packs

Want to upgrade the Internet access options on your phone? 3 has halved the price on several of its data packs during March, making a potentially appealing offer for existing 3 customers.

The discounts haven't shown up on the Three site as of this writing, but a poster at Whirlpool says the deals are available if you visit a Three shop or call the company. While the plans aren't as good a deal as straight-out 3G broadband if you want PC data, they might be worth a look for casual phone browsers.

Whirlpool [via OzBargain]


    This has got to be the next battle ground, particularly in the prepaid market.

    Unless you are a prisoner of Telstra that is !

    You have to have received an SMS from 3 to be eligible for these prices.
    A lot of unhappy 3 customers. Me included.

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