YouTube Drops IE6 Support On March 13

YouTube Drops IE6 Support On March 13

In a move that may actually impact people who’re still using Internet Explorer 6, YouTube has set a date for the last day they’ll support IE6: March 13. And while that doesn’t mean YouTube videos will stop playing after the 13th, the big warning on YouTube could have a big influence on getting people to upgrade.

So what exactly will the impact be on IE6 users?

Stopped support essentially means that some future features on YouTube will be rolled out that won’t work in older browsers.

YouTube Help via Ars Technica


  • This pleases me; it might make the local library finally ditch IE6 and upgrade (even to IE7 or 8). I’ve seen too many people there use those computers for banking or shopping. While people are encouraged to reboot the computer (and thereby loading a clean OS back onto the computer), many people don’t or forget.

  • Thank God… another major site drops support for an antiquated piece of junk that people shouldn’t still be using. Honestly, if anybody’s complaining about this, it’s their own goddamned fault – there’s absolutely no reason not to stay upgraded whatsoever, and no excuse to choose not to upgrade. Period. Part of the problem stems from people’s lack of awareness over this matter – for sites like YouTube to plant their foot down and explain it in very black-and-white terms is a step forwards in helping the general public to understand.

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