Yoink Gives You Credit For Giving Stuff Away

Yoink Gives You Credit For Giving Stuff Away

Want to get rid of some of that clutter in your garage? Webapp Yoink offers a platform for giving stuff you don’t need to others, while offering a measure of just how generous you are.

The basic idea behind Yoink is similar to that of Freecycle: giving stuff away to people in your local area rather than just chucking it out. Yoink also maintains statistics on what you’ve given away, letting you see who the most generous people are in your area.

As well as the site, there’s also an iPhone app for accessing Yoink. Yoink is a free service, requires signup. If you try giving something away on the site, tell us how it went in the comments.



  • I’ve used Freecycle a fair bit. One key difference here is that there doesn’t seem to be a way of requesting items. I have asked for things in the past — most recently I needed a scart to RCA adaptor. In Toowoomba, people abuse Freecycle, asking for ridiculous things such as cars and boats, but on the Sunshine Coast it is heavily monitored and is a real asset.
    Behind the flashy interface, this has got just half the functionality of Freecycle and the quality of administration is an unknown.

    Having said that, I like the look of this.

  • I’ve been using yoink and ITS AWESOME. It puts stuff like freecycle to shame, can’t wait for it to grow big.

    so much easier to use and the iphone app is excellent

    Wanted stuff might be nice but i kinda like the lack of clutter.

  • I just checked out freecycle from Chris’s comment – woah hello 1997. (I didn’t sign up though) I’ll be betting from how it looks that yoink actually has more functionality, it just looks simpler -which can only be a good thing! Good to see aussies making this kind of thing 🙂

  • I tried it for the first time a week ago, met up with the taker and first thing she says is “crazy iPhone app!”. Yoink is fuss-free and has potential. That said, I just spotted a post where someone was giving away their virginity…

  • I joined sunshine coast freecycle some years back- never have I achieved wha tI’m looking for, or trying to give away — I see stuff offered, I respond, but thats the last I hear of it. So I got bored with wasting my time there for a while — but recently i’ve been trying to get back into it to see how it goes and although it has my user name,. it cant recall my password.. Now, I keep a copy of all my passwords and it hasn’t changed, ever – but it can’t remember me and so cant get into the site
    … and there’s no way to contact the group either – the one site that is provided to contact them doesnt work..

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