Would You Pay For A Mobile Watchdog For Your Kids?

Would You Pay For A Mobile Watchdog For Your Kids?

My Mobile Watchdog lets you track calls logs and messages sent and received on your children’s mobile phones — for the sum of $14.95 a month. Is that a good deal or an unnecessary expense?

The service runs on Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices (Symbian would seem the obvious addition). Conceptually, I’m all in favour of these kinds of packages — precisely because they’re optional. Much better to have services available for parents who want to monitor their children’s communications than to force all of us to endure them.

On the other hand, as I don’t have kids myself, I don’t really know whether I’d pony up $15 a month for mobile phone security. So let’s hear from the parents out there: is this too much? Is there a better way to get the same results? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • What kind of kid is going to have a WinMo or blackberry phone?! Well i guess that i did when i was younger, but I’m a geek.

    Im not a parent, but i think that the same peace of mind could be achieved by actually doing some proper parenting.

    • Lol I thought so too before I had a thirteen year old daughter. They do this crazy thing where they start making choices without thinking sometimes….

  • I’m a parent but I don’t think I could justify that unless I suspected there was something weird going on. Not at the age they seem to be marketing at, anyway (they mention 8-11yrs). Mine has just turned 12 and gotten his first phone, but its just a simple one for emergencies, not a fancy one that runs windows mobile or RIM. He doesn’t need that kind of phone at 12!

  • What isn’t said in this article is that there is a website parents log in to and monitor and view contacts, SMS and calls made. Suspicious contacts can be blocked and tagged to email when they call your child. As a parent I think it is a good tool to manage your child’s phone without having to physically go through it often, but to work effectively it requires discussion and understanding of how it will be used with your kids. As to the cost, it is bordering on too expensive but not outrageous.

  • Another option is to have all the children’s mobile phone registered under a single account in that way all their calls will be recorded and the parent can check it when the invoice comes.

    Also, what message will the parent be sending to their children with this product? That mum and dad do not trust the child? How will the child learn to trust as well? I think good parenting and communication will always trump surveillance software such as this.

  • There are a few different ways in which to manage costs. From the article and the posts provided, it seems this is a little like spying which I think in today’s world is probably necessary facilitated with discussion afterwards. Kids don’t want to know their parents are spying on them, but parents need to know enough about who their kids are socialising with.

    As far as controlling costs, prepaid and sim only plans can help here, in different ways. Also not giving your child a credit/debit card can also help.

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