Wotflight Searches Multiple Airlines, At A Cost

Need to take a domestic flight and aren't too fussed about who to fly with? Wotflight will hunt down fares across most domestic airlines, but you'll pay for the privilege.

As the name suggests, the site has been launched by the team behind hotel comparison site Wotif. Enter your dates and destinations, and you'll be presented with all the available fare options from Qantas, Virgin Blue, Jetstar, Rex, Brindabella and Aeropelican.

The big catch? You'll pay $16.95 on top of your existing booking costs for the service. This is exactly the same approach used by similar service Webjet, though Wotflight does have a slightly lower fee.

Aside from the cost factor, I'm not personally too keen on the layout of flight options which the site uses (the flights are placed on a horizontal calendar grid, which makes it hard to match up with prices for evening flights). But the really big omission is the lack of fares from Tiger, which is often the cheapest choice available in areas where it flies.

A Wotif spokesperson told me that the site would "love to work with Tiger in the future", but right now there seem to be no concrete plans. As ever, I'd be tempted to use this site to identify cheap fares and then book them direct with the relevant airline.


    iwantthatflight.com.au does much the same thing, for free. it finds the flights (qantas/virgin/tiger) and redirects you to the airline's sites when booking

      There is also www.adioso.com.

    Sorry but webjet does a better job on finding ALL fares. Simply do a comparison and you'll see the difference...

      Webjet's UI is shocking. Even if it does take longer, I prefer comparing prices by going to each of the airline's websites. Also that way, I know I'm getting the best possible price from the airline directly and don't have to worry about middle-man companies charging commission/service fees.

    Sorry, but I think expedia.com.au is better than the rest. I found webjet would give me different prices based on time of day, position of the moon and the type of goat I sacrificed.

    If Wotflight can tell me the cheapest flight at any given time, why on Earth would I pay $16.95 to book instead of going directly through the airline?

      I agree with Rhys... for $17 I'm quite happy to navigate my way to the cheapest found airlines site and book the flight manually.

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