Woolworths Price Check Offers Partial Price Searching

We've seen lots of posturing about supermarket pricing in recent weeks, much of which has lacked substance. Woolworths' latest move is a price comparison tool that lets you see how much items cost in the store.

While it's always been possible to get some idea of what's being charged by using supermarket online stores, the new Price Check option makes it simpler to do that without pretending you're actually going to buy something. Type in a product name and if it's included in the database, you'll get the cost and (if applicable) the unit price.

There are several limitations on the Woolworths service. You have to search for prices in a specific store (which makes something of a mockery of the Woolworths claim that prices are the same across each state); you can't search for fruit, vegetable or meat prices; non-food goods seem largely excluded; and there's no indication of which products have been permanently reduced in price as Woolworths recently claimed.

A really valuable service would be something along the lines of the ditched GrocerycHOICE, comparing prices at multiple supermarkets. Still, the Woolworths option does make quick comparison shopping on a single product a little easier.

Woolworths Price Check


    You did read the terms & conditions before you pasted the link to the "price checker". And I quote: "Restricted Use... The site's URL may not be displayed on any website without Woolworths' written permission." Oops - they really do not want this site known about.

    Along with the other restrictions, you cannot help but get the feeling that this is all for the spindoctors, and not for the public.

      I did read that, but I couldn't take it seriously or see how it could be enforced. Arguments about deep linking feel very late 1990s.

      I think
      a) That if you don't want the URL published then just don't make it publicly accessible.
      b) Angus didn't technically display the URL on the website, the site doesn't display the URL it only displays text, the url is only shown in the status bar, which isn't part of the website.
      c) That restriction is like a tv network saying you can't mention the name of our shows anywhere without out permissions, just plain dumb and not enforceable.

      I wish the non-reproduce clause wasn't there, it rules out the ability to create an aggregater when coles copies the idea.

      Hopefully we can get some higher power assistance so that we can end up with a site (the site itself doesn't have to be government run) where we can put in our shopping list, it'll tell us what products to get at what shop (handy if both coles and woolworths are at the center you shop at), or if you only want to go to one, which one is cheaper, and then print it out (or transfer it to an iPhone/WinMo shopping list app).

    It would be nice to be able to create a list of barcode numbers of items I regularly buy, so I could create a shopping list and better plan my shopping expenses before I left home.

    And another thing... the "price check terms and conditions" state that the the content and information on the price check website cannot be "printed." This means that I am not allowed to print off any of the pages, or use them to create a shopping list. What the??

    I am even told in the T&Cs that I can't provide any of information on website to any other person. Which means that I am not allowed to create a shopping list for my wife, mother or anyone else to do my shopping for me whether I cut & paste, retype or even write the list by hand!

    And don't even get me started on the paltry number of products they have listed...

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