Wallpaper Roundup: Axel Jumps And Bobsled Runs

The 2010 Winter Olympics are in full swing, and we've rounded up some official Olympic and Olympic-inspired wallpapers to help you fully indulge your Olympic obsession.

Note: Clicking on the picture only shows you the sample image we uploaded for this gallery. You need to click on the name of the particular wallpaper underneath the sample image to access the full range of sizes at the source site.

Official Olympic Wallpaper

Olympic Medals

Red Olympic Mittens

Golden Olympics Rings

Official Olympic Mascot Wallpaper

Stylised Olympic Rings

Official Olympic Mascot Wallpaper

Official Olympic Wallpaper

Official Olympic Wallpaper

2010 Olympic Emblem

Robson Square - Vancouver

Official Olympic Wallpaper

Olympic Cauldron

Olympic Rings as Colour Palette

Statue Featured in 2010 Olympics

2010 Luge Run


    Wow! I'm in no way a sports fan but those vector-type ones look awesome!

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