Use Speedy Tab Shortcuts To Increase Your Firefox Producitivity

Firefox is the most extensible web browser around but you don't even need to install any add-ons to take advantage of the numerous shortcuts that make tabbed browsing even better.

Over at MakeUseOf, the software and technology-centred blog, they've put together a guide to being more productive with Firefox tabs, among the great add-ons they suggest like previously covered New Tab King and Tab Navigator, they also highlight some great built-in shortcuts — seen in the chart above.

Using the shortcuts expands the versatility of tabs without a single bit of memory bloat to your Firefox installation. You'll definitely want to learn the shortcuts above as well as one they missed — using CTRL+Page Up and CTRL+Page Down to move up and down through your list of tabs.

Have a favourite shortcut in Firefox, tab-related or otherwise? Let's hear about it in the comments.

7 Ways To Become More Productive With Firefox Tabs [MakeUseOf]


    Hi Jason,
    thanks for the post!
    hope you had a chance to work with our latest (public) version - it's WAY better than the one LH published its first article on - last April.
    would love to hear your comments on it :-)

    - Eddie

    Firefox used to be pretty good, now it's complete crap. I have no idea how they tweak their newer versions but applying what users want (as your MAIN concern) is the quickest way to [email protected] something up !..People liked Firefox because it was simple and efficient and did what it was supposed to do. Firefox is now just a glorified iPhone app.

    My favourite Firefox shortcut is "Google Chrome".

    You've taken something that started out as a good web browser and over complicated it with add-ons, mod-ons, app-ons, KLING-ONS etc to DEATH !

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