Use LogMeIn And VNC Software For Remote Computing Power

Use LogMeIn And VNC Software For Remote Computing Power

Netbooks and ultra-portable laptops may be convenient, but they don’t always have the horsepower to get done what you need. Mobile-obsessed blogger James Kendrick suggests using LogMeIn (or maybe a free equivalent) to do the battery-draining stuff remotely.

Kendrick suggests that video editing, file encoding, and other tasks that might take your portable computer far too long are best done with a remote LogMeIn/VNC connection. Likewise, tasks like system updates, malware scans, and other maintenance that will take a long time when you’re sitting down can be triggered remotely and set to shut down when done.

Kendrick lists four other clever uses of LogMeIn that he relies on regularly. We’re wondering if you use remote desktop access regularly, and for what kinds of functions. Drop your discussion in the comments, if you please.

Top 5 Ways To Get The Most Out of LogMeIn [jkOnTheRun]


  • I tend to enable/setup remote desktop sharing if using windows based pc’s. So port forwarding the remote desktop port and setting up dyndns through the modem/router, and perfect. Alternatively if its for a mac, i use the inbuilt vnc server, or the free Vine server, again being redirected with dyndns, and all required is a vnc viewer from anywhere and youre set.

  • ALSO! A BRILLIANT application for more support related sharing and controlling is TeamViewer. and is FREE! just run the Client program on the server or the pc you want to connect to, it will give you an id and password, and then using its browser or full free software, you can connect with great speeds! teamviewer is both mac/windows compatible and you can control either one through either one! =P

  • In addition to these programs a solid option for remote desktop software is proxy networks, linked to in the previous text. It is similar to logmein, only has some additional features. I’ve been using it for my small business and it has been solid and helped my employees work remotely for over a year and a half.

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