The Workspace-on-a-Shelf Office

The Workspace-on-a-Shelf Office

Today’s featured workspace is about as tiny as a workspace can get, short of calling a lapdesk and netbook a workspace.

Lifehacker reader Tek on Dek has some serious space constraints to work with. In order to have room for a computer workspace as well as the rest of his life in his limited space, he opted to wall mount the whole affair and to do so with a focus on minimising the footprint of the workspace. He writes:

Dual Dell G2410 Led Monitors. Workstation was built on an 11 inch deep bracket shelf from IKEA. I had a very small space for my desk and this was my solution. The monitors are mounted on a Planar AS2 dual mount. I have a 10 dollar IKEA keyboard tray installed underneath. And I’m using 4 IKEA LED Dioder light strips, 2 on each monitor. The wallpaper is “Spartan vs Spartan” and can be found on Deviant Art.

The Workspace-on-a-Shelf Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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